Celebrate Chinese New Year with LED Lion Dance Performances in Singapore

Few sights are as captivating and magical as the legendary Chinese lion brought to life by professional dancers. 

6ix Entertainment takes the traditional lion dance to the next level by performing with colorful LED lights adorning the lion costumes.

As your guests marvel at the radiant beasts dancing in the dark, they may soon forget they are watching performers at all. It will be as if they are truly seeing the majestic lions of myth and legend aglow with otherworldly energy.

A Luminous Spectacle to Awe Your Guests

As far back as the Han Dynasty, lion dances have been delighting audiences at Chinese New Year and other celebrations.

It is believed that the lion dance brings prosperity and luck while sending evil spirits fleeing.

That is why the lion dance has become one of the most recognizable images of Chinese New Year around the world.

Hire 6ix Entertainment to dazzle your audience with LED lion dances at:

  • Chinese New Year celebrations
  • Grand openings
  • Weddings
  • Parades
  • Corporate events
  • Festivals
  • Private parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Charity events
  • … And more

We can perform in indoor and outdoor venues. Our only recommendation is that you make the venue as dark as possible so our LED lions and LED dragon dance can glow all the more brightly.

Why Choose 6ix Entertainment?

Here are a few reasons to go with 6ix Entertainment for your next event:

  • Our team of lion dancers are highly-trained professionals who have competed at the national level. In fact, 6ix Entertainment’s troupe has a background in Wushu, and brings the same grace and form to lion dancing that we do to our martial arts performances.
  • We constantly maintain our lion costumes and LEDs to keep them in prime condition, ensuring that your guests can enjoy the most beautiful displays.
  • You can tell us about your vision for your event, and we can customize our dances to fit your needs. Our performers are trained in a range of traditional lion dance styles.
  • The reservation process is rapid and flexible. Our team will work to meet your scheduling needs, even if your event is coming up fast. Additionally, we have zero hidden costs in our packages. Everything is listed clearly upfront so you can fit our dances within your event budget.
  • Prompt, timely communication ensures that event planning is easy. We are just as dedicated to customer service as we are to putting on stunning lion dance performances.

Book 6ix Entertainment for Your Event

Ignite your guests’ imaginations with the sight of luminous, colorful lions dancing and ushering in good luck. Whether it’s a New Year’s celebration, a grand opening, or any other event, our lion dance performers will create a magical atmosphere that will transport your audience to a world of spirits and prosperity.

If you have questions about LED lion dances or are ready to book a lion dance performance in Singapore, please click the WhatsApp button below to chat with an agent now.