Traditional Mask-Changing/Face-Changing/Bian Lian Performances in Singapore

A colourfully-garbed performer moves gracefully on the stage at your event, wearing an elaborate costume and an operatic mask. Suddenly, the performer moves quickly—almost too quick to see—and as if by magic, their mask has changed, displaying different colors and emotions.

This is the traditional art of Bian Lian, also called “mask-changing” or “face-changing,” and you can bring it to your next event with a special performance by the talented troupe at 6ix Entertainment.

The Drama and Magic of Bian Lian

Bian Lian is considered a subgenre of Sichuan opera. As with stage magic, the techniques involved in the seemingly instantaneous face-changing are closely-guarded secrets, often passed down through family lines from father to son. The chance to see these enigmatic techniques performed by an expert team is an experience your guests will never forget. Footage from the performance at your event also can garner views and engagements on your company’s social media pages.

We can perform mask-changing at any type of event, including but not limited to:

  • Chinese New Year celebrations
  • Exhibitions
  • Grand openings
  • Weddings
  • Parades
  • Academic events
  • Corporate events
  • Festivals
  • Private parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Charity events
  • … And more

Why Choose 6ix Entertainment?

Here are some reasons to work with us to make your next event a success with Bian Lian face-changing performances:

  • Our performers are not only well-versed in the secrets of Mask Changing, but also in martial arts and opera footwork. That means they are able to bring the same poise, grace, agility and speed to their face-changing performances as they do to their martial arts, ensuring that every change of the masks is seamless and magical.
  • The breathtaking colors and details of our costumes, headdresses and masks add to the drama and otherworldly quality of every performance. We carefully maintain our costumes so that they are in beautiful condition for your event.
  • Customize your face-changing performance to suit your event venue and theme. Just let us know during your consult what you are picturing, and we will work with you to put on the perfect performance.
  • Reserve your booking quickly and easily. We will strive to meet your schedule, even if your event is just around the corner. We list all costs clearly to make budgeting for your event simple and predictable.
  • Expect amazing customer service. We are always ready to put on our customer service face and answer your questions—and we will do it every bit as quickly as our performers change their faces and with just as much flair.

Book a 6ix Entertainment Mask-Changing Performance Now

Whatever type of event you are planning, a mask-changing performance in Singapore will stun and awe your guests. Their memories of the performance will continue to enchant them long after the event is past.

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